Running for knowledge


Running for knowledge is the inspiration I get every time I go for a run. Running and listening to music has never been tempting, neither was running, it was too monotonous and too boring for my attention span. However when I find the right location, and the right podcast, running becomes interesting. I am one of those who don’t run regularly, sometimes I run three times a week for a month, and some month I run only twice  a month. I run for movement and OK, lets admitted for fitness. But most of all I run for knowledge and inspiration.

I spend part of my day making things like, painting, mini sculptures, drawing, but most of all thinking and reading, that is when I am not teaching of course. Some days can be very sedentary,  too much thinking can lead to block and unproductive. Running is a way of moving after sitting too long, it also can be a way of consolidate ideas or thoughts. It makes you meditate on thoughts specially when getting stuck. Funny enough I don’t run without listening to something, although some would say that if you want to unblock a thought you should run without music or anything in your ears, I find that listening to something distract me and improves my thinking. That is when a good run with a podcast come right for the occasion. Once I was asked by my son, but when running you wont get anything out of the talk/lecture because you need to focus, it is true in some degree. Yet to me it provides a stimulating way of running. Even if I don’t focus all the time on what I am listening I can distract myself from whatever it is I am working on. And sometimes I take even learn.run2

I listen mostly podcast about philosophy and science, BBC has a great collection, especially the program In Our Time by Melvin Brag, The Reith Lectures and Science Bites and many more. I also listen to language courses, which does help at least to become more custom to the language. When it comes to podcast the amount of interesting one available online is vastness. So are the paths on the black forest. Ich gefällen mir sehr! running  when the possibilities are endless, left, right, up or down, off trails, wider paths, unmade path and so on. Like life!

run3I don’t have plan for this page, (having said that the mind immediately began to wonder what I will be writing on) only the interest in sharing my running for knowledge. Therefore I will be reporting on the podcast I listen to while running. Together with whatever happens while running.


2:13 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2016run4

afternoon Run 6.6km in 47:57 at average pace of 7:16km / Elevation 296m / Calories 558/ Elapsed Time 50:21

It was a slow pace run, I was listening to The Paradox of Gorbachev’s Reforms by Geoffrey Hosking.

“Geoffrey Hosking, Professor of Russian History at University College London, debates the role of pluralist politics in the sixth of his Reith Lectures entitled ‘The Rediscovery of Politics’. In this lecture entitled ‘The Paradox of Gorbachev’s Reforms’, Professor Hosking explores the role that Mikhail Gorbachev has played as the General Secretary of the Communist Party for the Soviet Union and what lasting effect he will have on the State. He considers how the state will develop and asks can a totalitarian system evolve straight into a democracy?”

You can listen to the podcast here ▶️

Although there were many facts that I was not aware, nor I did pay attention to most of it. What has caught  my attention, was his ideas on changing the system; creating a collective thinking, promoting freedom of speech. ‘Gorbachev proposed increased openness and democracy: public meetings,letters (signed) to the press, and the election of responsible officials by their subordinates’. What I understood is that he wanted to reform the perestroika by adding few essential rights to individuals.

I must admit that futher reading needs to be done to have a strong opinion on the subject. It was though as if I was running towards a political experiment which sounded quiet plausible to archieve. It sounded better than the totalitarian system existing now in Russia under president Vladimir Putin. It sounds though as if Russia can do today with some of the reforms Gorbachev put it mind. Where are they gone?

4:16 PM on Thursday, March31, 2016run m.jpg

Afternoon run 5.8km / 47:50 / 8:10 km / Elevation 301m / Calories 515 / Elapsed Time 51:17

An even more slow run. It is always like this when running two days in a row. It is Easter holidays! In this run I was listening to  Thinking Allowed Micheal Foucault you can play it here ▶️. A philosopher that I find intersting. His major books are Discipline and Punishment, The Care of The Self and other essays. It was a general talk about his works and his personal life.

12:47 PM on Sunday, April 3, 2016 run mountains

Lunch Run 5.2km / 35:23 / 6:44/km/ Elevation 165m / Calories 425/ Elapsed Time 38:03

This run was faster yet the elevation was less and of course that makes a different in my pace. I listened to In Our Time “Saturn”. This deserved another listening as it was too much to take on.

Spring is here and yes, the birds are singing!!! I have write enough for today! I better go running! 🏃🏽

more soon…

4:44 PM on Monday, April 4, 2016

Half way run

Afternoon Run 6.6km / 50:17 / 7:34/km / Elevation / 310m / Calories / 574 / Elapsed Time 55:56

My podcast was Thinking Allowed on the topic of Love.


I have not stopped running, it is hard to give time to write a blog. I wonder how people do it. Do they stop doing anything else? of course not, it is somehow a rethorical question.

I want to find the time and place some of the data of my recent runs. For the idea of creating a figure when I run. So I explain, by plotting the data in Strava or Polar flow, I get a map in which my run is marked. I found fascinating running can make shapes.

My intention is running not follow a particular route, some places are unavoidable in the case of Cambridge.

Here are some examples of running marks shapes.


run n.jpg

After having a long gap of writing this blog, I decided to share my strava runinng trails.

The talks would be listed and annotations will be made only if there is something interesting to share.

Like the run thought I did yesterday. On being and madness!

Life is full of dreams and delusions – delusions and dreams can make someone mad, but to live without them is like life without passion or reason. The key to life is to learn to managed all dreams and delusions- not to eliminate them- that is what I like to see as ‘la passion por el balance’.


“Professor Blakemore explores how society attempts to regulate the behaviour of its members. ‘Madness and Morality’

Neurobiologist and lecturer of Physiology at the University of Cambridge Colin Blakemore considers mental illness and morality in his sixth and final Reith lecture from his series ‘Mechanics of the Mind’. He questions why society attempts to regulate the behaviour of its members and tries to order them into normal and abnormal.

In this lecture entitled ‘Madness and Morality’, Professor Colin Blakemore expands on the many ways cerebral irregularities have been treated throughout history; invasive psychosurgery and electro-therapy were the precursors to modern day medicines and psychiatry.”

Tuesday 6th Sep, 2016. 16:37

I have sat far too long! I might go running and today I feel like listening to ‘In search of a New Order’ by  Defence expert and Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Professor Alastair Buchan explores whether transnational co-operation could lead to global change in the final lecture in his Reith Lectures series ‘Change Without War’.


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