Our collaboration is based on an exploration of bringing together methods, approaches from science and performance to explore the relation between material, narratives of material the body and movement’.


Part one: Material Exploration

We will explore the qualities of materials, and ask how do these materials behave? How do the qualities of materials affect how we engage with them? This engagement is seen to give rise to emergent behavioural patterns of both human and materials. We ask questions such as: Why does elastic behave in a mean manner? How does glass behave when it’s guilty?

PART TWO: The Co-Present and Distant Body

We explore the relationship between the movement of body and sound in human communication, where voice is part of the body and the body is extended in space. As two people come together their bodies create patterns of synchrony and rhythm which resonate with the space connecting them. Are these movements musical? Can we see them? Can we touch them? Can we feel them? Can we express them? How connected are we?


This exploration are exhibited in the form of a participatory art piece. Where the audience is the subject that observe itself.




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