At the he[art] of my practice is art and mo[ve]ment.

I am freelance visual performing artist based in Cambridge, UK.

‘No matter what I say or how much I like to intellectualize my creative practice, it happens because of mo[ve]ment’. LV




I am interested in capturing and making visible the hidden intuitive creative processes of the act of making art. Live-ness and presence is an essential part of the artwork. Each event presents (on the stage or on the page) the performer and the audience with an unknown space, a sort of  unfinished stories with some familiar elements that somehow relate to them closely. As these stories are unfinished, engage the participants to finish them, this act of finishing the stories gives the participant audience ownership of the work, in the end, the relationship between subject and object is altered, and these ‘ongoing exchanges of altering perspectives’ make a piece to be finite.




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